Pittsburgh Alumni

Pittsburgh Graduates Are Lightweights

Carnegie MellonCarnegie MellonCarnegie Mellon students & alumni: Deborah Hosking, Anthony Carrigan, Jen Sturm, Danielle Laubach, Kate Rogal,        Lori Cardille, Randy Kovitz

Carnegie-Mellon MFA students and alumni were among those to contribute to the short film Lightweight, currently in post-production. Lightweight was written by Deborah Hosking and Randy Kovitz, who also directed, and features Drama department alumni Kate Rogal, Anthony Carrigan and Lori Cardille.  MFA students Danielle Laubach and  Jen Sturm performed starring roles as Art Director and Costume Designer.

Point Park
Point Park alumni, students & faculty:  Lisa Ann Goldsmith, Blase Ward, Maranda Wodzinski, Randy Kovitz, Asher Coffield,     Jared McLaughlin, Nick Hewitt, Jeremy Braverman, Steve Krotec

Point Park Cinema & Digital Arts alumni, students and faculty also rallied to get Lightweight off the ground, with instructor Jeremy Braverman as 1st Assistant Director. Alumni Maranda Wodzinski and Steve Krotec acted as Gaffer and Assistant Cameraman, respectively. Drama MFA alumni in featured roles include Lisa Ann Goldsmith and Randy Kovitz, who also directed.

ChathamChatham University alumni, faculty & graduate students: Deborah Hosking, Kristen Shaeffer, Megan Linton,                               Joe Hollabaugh, Brookes Schooles

The Chatham University Film & Digital Media department also weighed in on Lightweight, boasting the production’s co-Creator Deborah Hosking, Post-production Supervisor Kristen Lauth Shaeffer and MFA candidates Megan Linton, Joe Hollabaugh and Brooke Schooles.

Art Institute

Art Institute faculty & alumna: Deborah Hosking, Randy Kovitz, Brooke Schooles

There are Lightweights at AIP, too. The short was co-written by Deborah Hosking and Randy Kovitz and was directed by Randy Kovitz. Alumna Brooke Schooles is Website Designer & Media Coordinator. Faculty member Max Walters and student Kim Fouche also rose to the occasion to help with greenscreen and special effects.

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