Production design

“Shirley’s house” came to Lightweight through Susan Contanse, a.k.a. Blogski, by way of a chance encounter at a Lawrenceville bank branch. She put us in touch with Erica Moulinier, who owns a house in Polish Hill but was spending much of the summer out of town. Erica was receptive, but said the interior was under reconstruction.
“Perfect.” we said.

Shirley's house

The exterior needed just a few lights and plants to make it Shirley’s home. Inside, a little more work was needed to make it Lightweight’s.

Shirley's livingroom

Mark Knobil tests shelf height

Cameraguy extraordinaire Mark Knobil demonstrates that the green cabinet is ideal for the high shelf needed for the last scene.Danielle at work

Shirley's livingroom, wake

With paint colors approved by Erica, the Lightweight crew, led by Danielle Laubach and Diane Melchitzky, transformed the livingroom into Shirley’s longtime home.

Erica's kitchen

Erica was considering a bright yellow for the kitchen, so yellow it was – a little brighter than any of us expected, perhaps, but perfect for Shirley.Shirley's kitchen

Jeff Swenson generously welcomed us to shoot in his Barking Dog Studio at Terminal Way. The space and light were great, but it needed a few things before it would feel like Jane’s office.

Jane's officeCurtains, a rug, some art, a table and a little furniture oil – not to mention a tin of brown shoe polish – made all the difference.

Jane's officeJane's office

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  1. Hey guys hope your having fun editing, at least your inside with the AC on. Working on New York Heartbeat right now we begin filming Sept.27th. Been fun so far. I sent along my IMBD link to put on the list.

    Thanks again
    Mitchell B.

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