About Lightweight

Elizabeth lost her job. She lost her boyfriend. She’s living with her mother.
Now she literally can’t keep her feet on the ground. It’s not convenient.

~   *   ~

Lightweight first took flight as a submission in Pittsburgh’s Steeltown Film Factory screenwriting competition. The script was chosen as one of ten semi-finalists, then one of five and then three finalists. Lightweight did not win the final round, but the writers’ friends and fellow filmmakers rallied to get the project afloat.

The result is a production team that is as prestigious as the shoot was harmonious. A veritable who’s who of Pittsburgh filmmaking, the team boasts local entertainment industry veterans Jim Rogal and Lori Cardille as Executive Producers, and Pittsburgh’s own “Chilly” Bill Cardille in a brief cameo.

The Lightweight cast is equally impressive, drawing heavily from Pittsburgh’s established theater scene as well as Carnegie-Mellon alumni.

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